Back to Work Program

A Successful Strategy

At Ankeny Physical & Sports Therapy, we know it is important that workers thrive so that the company can thrive. We also understand that work injuries are complex issues to be addressed aggressively and completely from rehabilitating injuries to identifying their causes to determining how injuries can be avoided. Our team of physical and occupational therapists will work closely with all members of the rehab team to ensure that you or your employee achieves an accelerated and safe return to work outcome. Ask us how our integrated system of return-to-work products and services can help you safeguard both workers and the company’s bottom line.


Our team will…

  • Offer top quality preventive and rehabilitative services by trained physical and occupational therapists.
  • Provide close communication with the case management team to ensure aggressive return-to-work and cost effective care outcomes.
  • Emphasize worker self-responsibility and problem-solving in our treatments to expedite recovery reduce the incidence of re-injury.
  • Contextually report on work readiness by giving you job-related abilities or deficits that can only be obtained from experienced industrial rehab therapists.
  • Serve as a partner with you, rather than a “one-time” consultant.
  • Cover the workers complete lifecycle — from pre-hire to retirement/exit.
  • Comply with ADA, EEOC, OSHA and other government requirements.
  • Deliver positive and measurable results – with a return on investment that grows.


Results-driven injury prevention and management services are part of our comprehensive approach to risk management services. The range of our services at Ankeny Physical & Sports Therapy includes:

  • Job matching systems
  • Accelerated return to work programs
  • Ergonomics assessments and interventions
  • Safety committee participation
  • Worker education and training and more.


Work Rehabilitation & Work Conditioning

An individualized treatment program focusing on job-specific strengthening, conditioning, and education of the injured employee. Ankeny Physical & Sports Therapy will coordinate a team approach including physical and occupational therapy professionals, case management and vocational services as indicated with the goal of safe and accelerated return-to-work of the injured employee. We will ensure timely communication with physician, case manager, and employer.

Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE)

We will conduct a comprehensive evaluation to determine a worker’s physical work capacity level and tolerance for job-related activities. Documentation of demonstrated job-related physical demands and behaviors, as well as consistency of effort, will be included in the evaluation report. We can provide the following evaluations at your request:

  • Comprehensive FCE
  • Modified or Job Match FCE
  • Upper Extremity FCE
  • Customized FCE

Functional Job Analysis (FJA)

One of our Isernhagen (IWS) certified therapists will travel to the jobsite to perform a detailed analysis of the physical demands of the job in question. This will include validation of the report by company employees and/or supervisors to guarantee accuracy of the report. A videotaped analysis is available by request. The functional job analysis provides a critical baseline for job matching during the Pre-Work Screening or FCE.

Pre-Work Screening (PWS)

We will conduct a pre-work screen of an individual after a conditional offer of employment has been made to determine that person’s ability and qualification for a specific job. This process is based on a thorough functional job analysis to ensure that hiring and placement decisions are compliant with EEOC and ADA standards.

Work Tolerance Screening

This program allows our clinic to administer specific functional testing to determine a worker’s ability to perform specific job duties and/or perform within a specific functional demand level as determined by the Dictionary of Occupational Titles.

Ergonomic Analysis

A clinician will consult with your company to establish a preventative program for employees. We will analyze job stations and recommend work station modifications or alternative work methods.

Functional Testing Protocols

Our therapists are trained to conduct many peer-reviewed and published protocols for the assessment of strength and work capacity. Our clinicians also will use job analysis to conduct customized testing that accurately represents job functions in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.


At Ankeny Physical & Sports Therapy we strive everyday to meet and surpass the needs and expectations of our community. If you would like further information on what our clinics can provide, or if you would like us to customize a program to your specific needs, please contact us.